When you Arrive in Trabzon

You can use city shuttle buses, which provide transportation between the city center and Trabzon airport. City shuttle buses stop at two terminals; the first stop is City Terminal and then  Trabzon  intercity bus terminal.

Urban Transportation

City Bus Transportation
Halk Buses is the acronym for public bus transportation in Trabzon. You can purchase single and multiple use bus cards at most newspaper kiosks, at halk buses booths, and at Private “Halk” buses also provide transportation. Halk Buses cards are not accepted on these buses. Tickets are purchased on board from a conductor seated near the entrance.

Intercity Travel
Trabzon Şehirlerarası Terminal İşletmesi – Trabzon Intercity Bus Terminal  is located Boulevard. There, you will find buses with service to virtually every location in Turkey. Bus transportation is an efficient and affordable way to travel. All bus companies are privately owned, and may have varying service schedules. It is best to make a reservation in advance for your trip. Please note that a single person is generally seated next to a passenger of the same sex.