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Examination Dates

Examination Dates and Deadlines

July 28, 2023  AVU YOS and Turkish Proficiency Exam Application Deadline
August 04, 2023 AVU YOS and Turkish Proficiency Exam Date
August 18, 2023
Foreign Student Enrollment Deadline

Avrasya University Foreign Student Examination (YOS Exam)

Avrasya University Foreign Student Examination  is an entrance examination designed for foreign students wishing to study in Avrasya University.

The results of this examination are applicable only for students wishing to enrol in undergraduate programmes.

Students presently enrolled in undergraduate programmes who seek a transfer, and also those who wish to follow postgraduate programmes, should ask further questions to Avrasya University.

Application Deadline : 28.07.2023
• Date of Exam : 04.08.2023
• Time of Exam : 09:00 A.M.
• Duration of Exam : 120 minutes.
• Location of Exam : Pelitli Yerleşkesi R212 Trabzon/Turkey
• Announcement of Exam Results : 07.08.2023